Cookie Policy

What is cookies?

Cookies are small files with data fragments that you store on your computer, tablet, phone (hereinafter "device"). When you visit sites, saved cookies can be used to restore user data - such as names, passwords and any other information that you save when you visit a site. We can record certain fragments of information whenever you visit our sites, services or applications. Cookies help us determine your device and your browser, which allows us to increase the quality of service.

We use cookies of the following categories:


These files make the authorization process more convenient. They allow you to automatically return to the desired page of the site after authorization, and also remember the session and eliminate the need for re-authorization with each new visit to the site.


These cookies ensure the operation of individual pages of the site, which will not be able to function properly when cookies are disabled. By disabling cookies, you agree that certain elements of the site may stop working properly.


These files help to analyze user actions and improve the performance of the site based on the collected data.


These files are used to analyze advertising campaigns, help personalize our advertising messages and make them more relevant.

How to disable or restrict the use of cookies

You can disable all or some cookies in your browser settings. Remember that this may lead to the unavailability of certain site functionality.